Fourteen TB-7 Irons

Fourteen TB-7 irons with Prototype KBS Shafts

Just built for our Sydney Studio Master Fitter Josh we have a set of 4- PW in the Fourteen TB-7 irons. These irons have been custom built with a prototype KBS steel shaft that Jack discusses on the Cool Clubs podcast with the KBS R&D and Tour rep Tom Kalinowski, these shafts are based around a blend of the Tour V 120 X and $-Taper 130 X golf shafts.

KBS utilised the weight of Tour V 120 X blended with the energy transfer properties, step pattern and feel of the $-Taper 130 X golf shaft, this works well for Josh as his previous set of irons he used the S-Taper 130 X but was looking to go longer and lighter to assist with producing more clubhead speed more easily after having some issues with his back last year.

The TB-7 offering suited Josh playing in the stronger loft of 26 degrees and then bending back to 28 degrees to minimise offset with a headshape and design more forgiving than his old set of blades, this iron also has a beveled/softened leading edge which helps josh to control his turf interaction.

This set of irons was finished with BB&F Co Ferrules and Gripmaster Kangaroo leather standard grips

Full Build specs below based off of 6 iron

Fourteen TB-7

KBS 120 X Prototype shaft SST Pured

Length 38.125" cut length

Lie 60 degree

Loft 28 degrees (bent 2 degrees weak from original loft)

Swingweight D8.5

Headweight 260 grams

Gripmaster Roo STD Grips

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