Evenroll releases ER2B

Evnroll is releasing a “Murdered Out” version of its ER2 MidBlade called the ER2B. The Evnroll ER2B will feature a proprietary flat black armor finish(same as the ER5 Black released earlier this year), black shaft, grip, and head cover.

Evnroll ER2B Putter Cover

It’s the same as the standard ER2 blade which won ontour and is used by several tour players. The ER2B is CNC-milled from 303 Stainless Steel and hand-finished in Carlsbad, California.

Like every Evnroll putter the ER2B utilises Evnroll’s“Sweet Face” technology which we have had a lot of great results during our fittings for customers of all skill levels. The parabolic milling pattern delivers performance benefits in the form of improved distance control and accuracy. Evnroll describes the face milling as providing “uniform performance across the entire hitting area of the putter face for unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion.”

Cool Clubs Putter Fitting

Evnroll ER2B Putter

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