Enoch's Junior Fitting

Enoch come to our Sydney Studio looking for a set of Golf Clubs that are going word great now and get better as he grows into them! What a golf swing!

Enoch's bag includes:

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver -12 * - Accra SRT - playing 38"

TSi1 Fairway 21* - Accra SRT - playing 34.5"

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal 8 iron and Pitching wedge - Accra SRT - playing 30.5"

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 - playing 27"

How do we conduct a JUNIOR fitting?

Using Trackman we are able to look at swing dynamics at different lengths of shaft to determine which shaft length is going to be best for now and going forward, as your junior grows. Combine this with the lightest and softest shafts on the market, we get some pretty cool results!

How many clubs does my JUNIOR need?

We'll find out during the fitting. We start like any other fitting, by getting as much as possible with Driver, then fitting in what we need under that. In Enoch's case, a 6 Club bag! (Including his current SW)

Does my JUNIOR need a premium putter?

No. But they do need one build to appropriate length, loft and lie. This can be achieved with all putters. We can assist with this with our state of the art putting studios, fitted with Slow Motion cameras. (and soon Trackman)

Enoch needs to get better at his speed control, but his setup is textbook with the aid of an appropriate putter for him!

Reach out to our fitters if you have any questions regarding junior fittings.

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