Edel SMS and SMS Pro Iron Demos

Now available in all 3 fitting locations we have the Edel SMS and SMS Pro irons available for fitting.

Edel likely best known as the company that created the One Length Irons for Byson Dechambeau as a College golfer have recently launched the SMS series of irons, SMS standing for Swing Matching System which consists of a weighted system in the back of the iron head that is easily adjustable with 2 light weights (4 grams each) and 1 heavy weight (10 grams). This allows us as fitters to dial in the sweet spot around what you do as a golfer to maximise what your golf ball does off the irons.

One of Cool Clubs Carrara's Master Fitters Josh put this to the test and we have attached the data based on moving the weight to the 3 different locations, based on Josh's swing he is best off with the weight in the heel as it helped his average Club speed and ball speed, it also helped Josh to centre his strike more compared to the other 2 weight settings. Josh made mention that the feel of how the club weighs between the 3 settings was significant to him with the weight in the centre and heel being the most comfortable "The toe weighting felt heavy even though there was no effect to swing weight of the golf club

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