WITB & Why Andy Eaves

Andrew Eaves was in yesterday collecting the first part of his new Cool Clubs custom clubs.

Club Spec

Taylor Made P790 Irons with Custom Black KBS Tour V 120 X shafts

Callaway MD4 wedges with Custom Black KBS Tour V 120 X shafts

All SST PURED and installed with Golf Price MCC Align grips.

Why These Clubs

Andrew is a high speed golfer who has always struggled with launching the ball too high with too much spin on his irons.

The combination of a lower launching, lower spinning P790 head and stable feeling KBS Tour V shafts really helped Andrew feel like he could control the flight of the ball again without having to manipulate his golf swing to keep the flight down.

We saw massive improvements in smash factor, ball speed, launch, spin and land angle all whilst being able to help Andrew hit his irons the appropriate distance relative to his club head speed.

The W Grind wedges were a revelation for Andrew, having belief that his technique was the reasoning behind his poor wedge game, we were able to show Andrew he has been limiting his full potential in the short game area using poorly fitted wedges.

The impact of the new correctly fitted wedges to his turf interaction, shot capabilities and ball flight control was impressive to say the least.

Still to come Andrew has a custom made LAB Golf Directed force putter and new Taylor Made M6 driver installed with a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7 shaft. Adam Scott custom black paint job (of course)

We can't wait to hear how this new equipment helps Andrew "Play Better Golf"

Tylormade P790 Iron

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