Custom ACCRA FX 400 Putter Shaft Upgrade

Recently built for our Sydney Studio Master Fitter, Josh, we have an Accra FX 400 Graphite Putter shaft.

A vibrant neon green and black custom finish to match up with the colour of his MySpider GT was the goal to finish this outrageous putter for Josh and test an ultra-stable tip sectioned graphite putter shaft. This helps create a more stable feel for the longer length of 36" that he plays in his putter, being 193cm tall.

Josh has found, even with the extremely stiff tip section, that he has better feedback through the putter than he gets from using BGT Stability due to the weight of the shaft being more consistent throughout and not adding unnecessary swingweight to the putter.

This helps Josh achieve a better tempo with the putter, which helps with his speed control on the greens.‍

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