Club Collect Mick Burgess

VIP client Michael Burgess collecting his 2nd set of Cool Clubs built irons.
Mick has progressed from a set of Ap1s with SteelFiber to the Apex Pros with KBS TOUR 110.

As Mick has improved he felt he needed smaller soles on his clubs to play specific shot shapes, and more loft to spin the ball.

We utilised a heavier shaft (compared to his original steelfiber products) to smooth his transition out and the Apex pro head to deliver playability, forged feel but strong ball speed, all without compromising spin.

This package coupled with a new wedge loft layout, should see Mick through until he wears them out!

Head: Callaway Apex Pro
Shaft: SST PURED KBS Tour 110
Grip: Golf Pride SuperTack std

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