Bal Collecting his SM8 Wedges

Shooting his best round ever at his home track last week, Bal was in this morning to pick up his new Vokey SM8 - wedges.  

We have been working through the bag over the past year and a half or so and the wedges were the final piece of the puzzle.

During the wedge fitting we discussed at length the relationship between Technique and wedge bounce, grind and loft. Turns out this was extremely helpful for Bal on the course, assessing each situation and taking more time to select the appropriate club produced a more comfortable and committed process. Great to hear such a positive outcome from just a conversation. It's not all about bashing balls down the range.

On collection this morning we made a final loft adjustment which was required to get all the wedges distances in line with his Apex Pro irons. Finishing off with sometime in the short game area getting a feel for his new weapons before he hits the course this afternoon.  

Vokey SM8 - Jet Black finish  

54.10 S Grind

58.08 M Grind

Dynamic Gold 120 (matching iron shafts)

Golf Pride Z Cord Midsize.

No items found.