Club Pickup Adam North

Adam had been playing a driver shaft that was not stiff enough to handle his 115 mph swing and he was struggling to control dispersion and felt he was losing distance.  

Once we gave Adam a golf shaft that was the appropriate flex and profile for him we saw a drastic improvement in his dispersion and distance.  

With this increase in control over his club face we saw an increase in ball speed of 8 mph on average which gave him 25 meters extra carry.  

You can see from his Trackman dispersion on the day how much better his new driver is going to be.  If you want to find out if you're getting everything out of your driver you deserve, book in for a driver fitting at your nearest Cool Clubs Australia Facility.  


Ping G410 Plus 9* with Accra FX 2.0 360 M5 and Golf Pride G2 Wrap Jumbo

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