Scotty Cameron Concept X

Concept X 01 & 02

Titleist have introduced the limited edition Scotty Cameron Concept X in two models the CX-01 and CX-02. We expect these putters will be available in very limited quantities.

“Concept X is for the player who wants the feel and performance of a Tour-proven blade style putter, but wants to benefit from the latest technology to achieve more forgiveness. What’s unique about these putters is that they’re fast looking and high-tech. But by making them wider, they’re more forgiving. You get a calm feeling like when you play a mallet. So, you get the best of a blade and the best of a mallet in one. It has a very elegant, high-end, industrial look. At address, after a few putts, the wings almost disappear and it’s like looking down at a blade,” 
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