BOTW Miura Irons

This weeks Build Of The Week is for lovers of fine Japanese forging.

Our premium iron/wedge fitting...

Miura MC-501 (4-P) w/ KBS Tour 120

Miura Tour Wedge 50* w/ KBS Tour 120

Miura Tour Wedge 54* w/ KBS Tour 120

Titleist Vokey SM7 58.04 L Grind w/ KBS Tour 120

Lindsay came to Cool Clubs having always wanted a set of Miura Golf Clubs but wanted to test different golf shafts and find out if the Miura would suit his action.  

Lindsay was using Titleist 714 MB's with KBS Tour 90 in them.  While Lindsay liked the profile of the KBS Tour shafts his speed and tempo meant that the KBS Tour 120 was more appropriate and we saw an increase in dispersion and carry distance.  

The Miura MC-501 heads works very well for Lindsay and helped him with turf interaction outside on the grass.  

Lindsay wanted to match the wedges to the irons but in the Lob wedge we got such a good result with 58.08 L grind Vokey that we used that as around the greens was an area he was trying to clean up.  

The lower bounce and Grind allowed Lindsay to play more shots around the green as he naturally opens the face, the L grind complemented his action.

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