Two Cobra Six Irons!

Sydney Client Jamie come to us looking for new irons where the new COBRA irons reigned supreme.

After going through a testing process we loved Cobra King Tour irons with Project X Rifle 6.0 shafts.

But Jamie had had some trouble with 5i in the past and was looking for something different.

Through good club building techniques, we were able to make a 6i (due to loft) in the more forgiving hollow Forged Tec Iron head act as a 5i and get perfect distance gaps to the King Tour irons!

Combined with re-shafting Jamie's Jaws Raw Wedges with matching Rifle 6.0 Wedge specific shafts, Jamie is ready to roll on the course!

6i Spec:

Cobra King Tour
Project X Rifle 6.0


63° Lie

MCC Align Std

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