BOTW Epon Wedges


Epon Tour Wedge

50.10 Flat, 54.10 Normal, 58.12 Open


Tour V 100


UTx Black Midsize

Why these Wedges?

Since his first fitting Mick has done plenty of work on his short game and was in need of some more versatile options at the bottom end of the bag and a keen interest in Japanese forged wedges.

As a result we found that Mick still needed plenty of bounce but in a much more compact package, Mick found his forgiveness in a smaller heel to toe blade length as well as a narrow depth of the sole whilst still maintaining a higher bounce in all 3 of the wedges.

The 3 grinds working down through the wedges assist Mick in the areas he prefers to play his wedges, Higher bounce fuller sole in the 50 degree helping with keeping the club moving through the turf on the full swings and the narrow depth of sole to help with bump and runs around the green.

The 54 was the big wedge in question since changes in his action were inhibiting his ability to use his current 54 effectively anywhere outside of full swing. The new Epon 54 is the lowest of the 3 bounce options for Mick and having some heel relief assisted him to hit a variety of shots whilst maintaining a relatively square face.

The new Epon 58 once again provided higher bounce to assist with the fuller swings but has plenty of relief on the sole so that Mick can open this wedge right up for those high soft shots and out of bunkers to keep his short game sharp and keep his scores moving in the right direction!

Thanks again to Mick for trusting the process and Cool Clubs to provide him with the best possible clubs for his golf game.

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