Build of the week - Titleist CNCPT - 02 irons


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Titleist CNCPT 02


KBS C Taper Lite


Tour G

Why this equipment?

From PXG Gen 1 T into Titleist CNCPT 02 Irons. This client is no stranger to premium quality products.

This time around we needed to improve turf interaction and increase launch and spin to deliver more stopping power in the firmer south east QLD conditions. Because of the typicality shallow and sometimes upward attack angle, the smaller sole shape (compared to the PXG T) of the CP-02 allowed the club to work more into the turf and under the ball through impact.

This resulted in a centred strike more often, higher launch, steeper land angle and almost completely eliminating the low face strike miss which this client had been struggling with of late. 

Great result and some amazing looking irons. 

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