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Why we test all our fitting equipment

Every year there is a seemingly endless parade of new equipment in heads, shafts and putters. There are also reviews, videos, recommendations, marketing, chat rooms and hype surrounding most releases.

If we listened to the hype, we would have no idea what new equipment is doing.

To be clear. There is no "Best" equipment. As there are many swings, so there need to be many options. What works for one swing won't work for another. These options allow the optimal head/shaft combination for each player.  Even subtle difference between swings can result in dramatic changes to your optimal head and shaft recipe.

So how do you find the equipment that works for you? There are some things you should look for in a fitter; some that should be a warning sign and some things you can do to improve the outcome.

What Should I Look For?
Analytical and evidence-based approach;
More than one equipment supplier both heads and shafts;
Using technology to measure swing and understanding what it is saying;
Outdoors so ball flight can be observed;
A person that is a dedicated club-fitter;
Has lots of fitting experience and is knowledgeable about the equipment and the fitting process;
Someone who will offer options from simple existing club manipulation, re-shafts, stock builds through to entirely custom builds and explain the tradeoffs between cost and performance;
Fitting environment as close as possible to the golf course.

What should I Avoid?
Someone using lie boards, rulers and tapes and believes your physical characteristics influence your equipment needs;
Indoor fitting;
Someone that observes your swing to determine what it does;
Someone who is entirely led by your equipment choice rather than the performance of the clubs tested.
Uses range balls.

So what can I do to get the best out of a club fitting?
Be brand-neutral and have a look at other options.
Be performance-driven.
Understand what your budget is and communicate this to your fitter.
Give feedback about how your thoughts on particular options you try.
Ask questions; test assumptions both yours and your fitter.

At Cool Clubs, we test new equipment in-house and have dedicated test engineers. We are the only fitters in the industry who do this. We compare and contrast the performance of all our fitting stock.

We build our own measuring machines such as our S3 shaft analyser. We get early access to new equipment. We only take an option into our fitting stock that adds a missing piece to our offering.

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