I have heard Cool Clubs fit a lot of “Stiffer flex” golf shafts why is this?

At Cool Clubs we are the only company to have full use of our-in house S3 machine and data. This allows us to learn about a golf shafts behaviour, player interaction and build capabilities better than any other company.  

During a fitting we use this data to not only look at speed, but also tempo (something many fitters do not consider) and the shafts build capabilities alongside how a player’s technique may be reacting to these things.  

We know how much tip section to take from a shaft to give optimal results for a player’s needs.  

We know how shaft profiles change between flex options, even with the same make and model.  

All these things lead to us giving our club builders the best information to assemble the club in the most efficient way for the player interaction and build quality.  

Club head weights and shaft length also influence what “flex” a player should use.  

At Cool Clubs we also have access to many premium quality shafts that are lighter weight than “stock” options. When a shaft is lighter it generally is built with less material and therefore has the potential to bend more.  

Shaft manufacturers are producing lighter shafts that are super stable and can handle quicker speeds and sharper tempos, allowing for faster golf swings and more stable results.  

When we build lighter shafts, the letter written on the shaft may be “stiff” but its profile and bending characteristics may be “Regular” or even softer. Therefore, when we discuss rigidity with a player, we talk about all the shaft characteristics rather than just the letter on the shaft.  

The golf equipment industry, especially shaft technology, is very complex and has many generic terms. We strive to be leaders with our quality of information and correct building procedures relative to the advances in club technology.  

Without the support of our proprietary S3 data we too would be making assumptions relative to different manufactures tolerances and possibly having to rely on what was written on the shaft. This technology sets us apart from any other club fitter and builder and gives our clients the best results.