Ultimate Golf Geeks

Cool Clubs are the ultimate golf geeks and their love of technology will provide a significant improvement to your game.  Other brand reps have fitted me previously and no one came close to the Cool Clubs service, choice of brands, professionalism and, most importantly, results. I can now say I get the most out of my clubs and the difference they made to my game was surprising. My handicap has come down from 5 to 1 and I enjoy playing much more and with a lot less frustration.

My best result came from my putter fitting in the Cool Clubs putting lab. In the year leading up to my fitting, I purchased at least 5 putters ranging from $200-$500 and I was never comfortable with any of them, often missing 2-3 footers. Zane and Jack found that I needed a face-balanced, offset putter with slightly more loft and slightly longer than standard. My putting improved instantly and 12 months on, I miss a lot less short putts and have a lot less 3 putts.

What Cool Clubs offers is not only of great benefit to me and other Sanctuary Cove members, but all golfers. Australian golfers in general have needed this level of service and professionalism for a while.If you love your golf, go and treat yourself to the Cool Clubs experience and get the results you deserve.—  Paul Smerdon Sanctuary Cove Vice Captain