Thanks to Luke for his patience and guidance

I recently completed an Ultimate Fitting with Luke and found the experience way beyond my expectation. My situation is that my current set of clubs are 5+ years old, and although I am hitting them well, they are now old technology, and as I get older, just entering my senior status, I felt I needed the latest and best technology I could get to ensure I could get the maximum distance with control and forgiveness.

I did oscillate between having a “Tee to Wedge” fitting over a 1x 4-hour fitting and an ultimate fitting which is 2 x 4-hour fitting over 2 days.  I choose the ultimate fitting as I wanted to have the putter fitting, which in hindsight was the best thing I have done. not only do they review your putter stroke, there is also coaching to ensure your setup is correct to sink more putts.

I had the opportunity of trying different heads and styles to ensure I had the best style to suit my now improved stroke. As it happens my current “Scotty” was suitable for me, with a little adjustment.  

On arrival, your current golf clubs are measured every way possible to get a baseline, and from there you start hitting the driver. Their use of Trackman and there S3 Shaft Analysis soon gives an indication of what ‘head and shaft" combination is the most suitable.

This same process is used for the long game evaluation and iron evaluation. What I like also was that I could ask to hit certain brands to satisfy my desire to see if they would suit. As they are an official PXG fitter, make sure you ask to hit that brand…they were not for me, but had the opportunity to hit them.  

Second day was all about confirming the selection of clubs from the day before in my case (Driver, 3 wood and utility, and irons) were still the best for me. Once again, all hits are recorded on Trackman, and at the end of the fitting you get a copy of this data. The remainder of the session was devoted to Wedges and Putting Lab.

The Wedge evaluation was conducted outside in the dedicated area for this activity. I must say we had some fun in the sand bunker, and getting out of these is not my strongest suit. However, the wedge of choice that Luke gave to me, was a miracle and I managed to get not only out with every shot, but very close to the pin…Just a tap in… may this work as well when I get back to my home course.  

As mentioned the final part of the day is in the putting lab. Very worthwhile, and I have already seen the results of the coaching in this part of my game last Saturday.  

At the end of the 2-day session all the data that was collected is explained to you, and a recommended list of clubs is provided. All data and recommendations are emailed to you, so you can have the time to review and digest.  

So, was it worth the investment ? In my case - absolutely. I have gone ahead and ordered the recommended clubs, knowing that I have the very best possible combination of heads and shafts to maximise my game and have a set that I can rely on for a number of years going forward.  

Thanks to Luke for his patience and guidance. He is certainly a master of his craft, and  with his knowledge and my enthusiasm, I am looking to getting my new clubs in two weeks, and set some new personal results in my game.  Take the plunge and getting a fitting you will not be disappointed.