Why have Cool Clubs build your Clubs?

Randomly buying a head and shaft will often result in a club that cannot be built to your individual swing dynamics and specification.

A golf club specified for you is more than the sum of the components. Whilst you can get the components elsewhere and get anyone to build the club it will not result in a club that meets Cool Clubs specification.

Cool Clubs goes to great lengths to ensure our tour level specifications are calibrated to our build equipment. This takes time, specialist equipment, knowledge and a great deal of effort. It results in a premium quality club that exactly matches your fitting specification. Our specification produced on other building equipment will result in an unpredictable outcome.

The analogy we use is a Ferrari supplied as a bunch of parts to your local mechanic. Sure they may be able to put all the pieces together but can they really build it as well as the original factory. There are many hidden techniques in building a Ferrari that the local mechanic does not know or have access to the technology to know. The same applies to golf clubs. A builder with a loft/lie machine and some glue cannot build to our specifications and cannot provide the performance you saw at your fitting.

Cool Clubs build to tolerances and using methods only seen in our build shop. Our build capabilities far exceed the accepted practices in the industry.