Why do you charge for fitting my clubs?

Once you’ve experienced our fitting services first-hand – what we do and how we do it – that question will be answered in the interim, and until you use our services, this is why.

Cool Clubs provides statistically-supported fitting and club building services for a complete set of clubs – from the tee to the green.

The charge for club fitting services covers our internationally experienced club fitters using proprietary software, advanced technology, analytics and most important a client-unique report which will leave you with no doubt about the shaft and head combinations best suited to your swing dynamics.

We have no doubt that once a client has invested in our fitting services and custom built clubs their game performance and confidence will increase. The only component that will decline will be their handicap.

Importantly, Cool Clubs is brand neutral, so our club fitting is 100% unbiased; that is we have no conflict of interest as we draw from a plethora of well-known brands. We are at your service and not affiliated with any brand owner or manufacturer.