Why Cool Clubs Independently Tests: Ensuring Quality and Performance Club Fittings

Cool Clubs is the premium golf club fitting and manufacturing company that is committed to producing high-quality, high-performing clubs. To ensure that their clubs meet their exacting standards, Cool Clubs conducts independent testing of all products.

Independent testing allows Cool Clubs to verify the performance and quality of their clubs without the influence of outside parties and the variations in measuring methods they use. This allows them to be confident in the claims they make about their products and to ensure that their clubs meet the needs and expectations of golfers.

Pepper the Robot

Pepper is used to test all new equipment we fit. Only products that make it through this process make it onto our equipment list. Doing this testing has many benefits to our customers.

We are able to compare the performance of all equipment we fit. Not just on perfect hits but across the face of the club.

We gather a lot of data that describes the actual performance of every club not just the theoretical performance supplied by manufacturers.

All this is fed into our fitting software and used by our fitters and builders to get the highest performing clubs for your swing.

S3 Shaft Analyser

Our in-house developed shaft analyser provides the same knowledge about the shafts we fit as Pepper provides for club heads.

It allows us to directly compare the performance of shafts across manufacturers. Something no other fitter can do.

It feeds data into the fitting and build process that ensure the clubs we build are exactly the right clubs for your swing.

Cool Clubs uses a range of in-house developed methods and equipment to test their clubs, including computer simulations, prototypes, and on-course testing. This allows Cool Clubs to evaluate the performance of their clubs under a variety of conditions and to make any necessary adjustments to ensure that they meet their standards.

Overall, independent testing is an important part of Cool Clubs' commitment to quality and performance. By ensuring that their clubs are thoroughly tested and validated, they are able to offer golfers products that they can trust and rely on on the course.