How does a regular and a stiff shaft differ in golf?

In rawest terms a regular shaft is more flexible than a stiff, meaning generally it bends more during the swing. At Cool Clubs we take this to the next level, powered by S3 Technology we have much more detailed data on golf shafts (measured by the batch), this allows us to have a Cool Clubs industry standard. We look at many points that effect flex including butt, middle and tip stiffness, torque, mass, deflection profile, EI Curve, FM and many more.

This data accompanied by Trackman information and our fitter’s knowledge helps us understand not only a generalised term of flex (stiff, regular etc…), but more importantly where a player feels flex and what they need from the shaft to produce consistency in strike.

When choosing a flex, take into account all of the above information,not just the letter written on the shaft.