Do you sell golf club sets?

Cool Clubs fit and build custom clubs. We do not sell pre configured and built golf sets.

Our approach is to provide a premium fitting and club build experience. Whether we provide driver fairway woods, iron sets, putters or any other combination of clubs.

To provide a complete set in that are commonly available from manufacturers such as Callaway Golf, Ping and others would mean were not providing the absolute best clubs tailored to an individuals needs. These off-the-shelf golf packages provide a great way to start your golf. But like low cost golf balls, soon make reach the limit of their performance.

We believe in giving our clients a set of clubs tailored to their needs. Our process is the same regardless of handicap or if we are fitting for junior golf, ladies golf or seniors. Our goal is to have your golf bag full of clubs that are built for you. Allowing you to play the best golf you can.