Can I get a fitting but buy elsewhere?

After your fitting we will give you your full specification.

You are free to get the clubs built elsewhere but be aware that no one, regardless of what they tell you, can build to our exact spec. To get the performance you achieved during your fitting the clubs should be built to that specification.

They may be able to put the components together but that does not mean the outcome is going to be close to your club specification. When we build to our specification we can guarantee the club will be built correctly.

If you are considering building elsewhere here are some questions to ask of your builder:

Can you build to Cool Clubs FM specification using equipment calibrated to their specification?

Hint: No one can calibrate to our equipment (and thus specification) but us.

Do you have a grip on or grip off frequency machine?

Hint: We use two different machines one for the fitting (grip on) and one for building (grip off) calibrated so the resulting club is built correctly.

Do you match head weights and shaft weights prior to building?

Hint: Cool Clubs Scottsdale carry thousands and heads and shafts in stock. Each weighed on receipt from the manufacturer upon receipt. This allows us to build with the correct combination of head and shaft to meet your specification.

Can you SST Pure the shafts prior to building?

Do you employ craftsmen club builders motivated by quality rather than speed of assembly?

Is your build shop building to or exceeding tour level?

Can you guarantee that if you build the clubs and I have Cool Clubs measure them they will be exactly to this specification in every detail?

These are just a few of the considerations that affect the outcome of the build process. There are many more.

We often say we leave nothing to chance. This applies to our fittings through to our build, repairs and after-sales service.