What set of irons is recommended for a beginner golfer?

The best set of irons for a beginner golfer are the ones that suit his or her swing the best. The way to find this our is to get a club fitting. Not all beginners swing the same way so a definitive answer

At Cool Clubs we do not base your fitting upon your age, gender or handicap (although we factor these into our choices if they help us understand your swing and longevity of a club).

We base the club we select on the players action. An example of this may be a beginner golfer with a very shallow angle of attack. Traditionally someone may give this person a “game improvement” iron head with a super wide sole. This may hinder the player from making crisp contact with the ball compared to a club with a slimmer sole design for better turf interaction and strike consistency, but perimeter weighting for heel to toe strike differential.

The old adage “do not judge a book by its cover” is key here but really a club fitter that truly understands different swing styles will help you make a better purchase.