How does Cool Clubs price it's clubs?

Not a Standard Product

Due to our attention to detail, custom build technology and bespoke nature of our products our price points are not in line with “OEM”, “stock”, “off the rack” “standard build” or “in store” pricing.  

We Do Things Our Way

The way we fit and build is not the “only way”, but it is the only way we deliver to our clients the performance gains we achieve during the fitting session, on a consistent basis.  

Our Demo Matrix is Fine Tuned to Deliver Performance. Our matrix of heads, shafts and grips covers a broad spectrum of price point and performance differences with tour proven quality.  

Our fitting matrix does not cover every brand, if a product fits into our matrix with a performance difference, price point difference (still allowing our premium quality build parameters), and it works with our performance driven fitting and build process’, we will try our best to add it to our matrix.  

If a product is not on our shelf it has no bearing on it being “poor quality” it simply means it has not met all of our requirements at this point. We are always investigating ways to better our services, and are happy to receive feedback from our clients that will keep us in tune with our markets wants and needs.  


Below is a spectrum of our pricing on fully assembled Cool Clubs built products relative to June 2019.  

The prices have no bearing on performance, i.e. the highest price driver may not be the best performing driver for your swing. If the fitting reveals that a combination delivers your best results this is what we will recommend.  

In a perfect world our clients come to see us with no brand preference on head, shaft or grip. This gives us the best chance to deliver the very best result. However, we are under no illusions that all our clients have unlimited funds. This means during our sessions we are upfront with price and work through each fitting tailoring our matrix, and client’s expectations of price and performance to match up as best we can.  

Our fitters only recommend clubs that they truly believe will make an impact to the players game.  

We try to educate our clients to make their decisions based on performance. If we cannot get a result that meets our client’s expectations, we recommend them not to buy the club. We still try to give them the best information on what they are seeing during the session.  

Driver – Minimum: $872 to Maximum: $2068. Re-shaft only: $259 to $1100

Fairway Wood – Minimum: $603 to Maximum: $1479. Re-shaft only: $259 to $809

Hybrid/ Driving iron – Minimum: $405 to Maximum: $1067. Re-shaft only: $127 to $512

Irons – Minimum: $255 to Maximum: $993. Re-shaft only: $70 to $300

Wedges – Minimum: $179 to Maximum: $1433. Re-shaft only: $70 to $300

As you can see there are massive variance in price points.

We do not compete on price with OEM’s or online as we produce different products and specifications. Very rarely do we recommend “stock shafts” this is mainly because we then do not control the build of the product at Cool Clubs, and therefore cannot take responsibility for how it performs.  

When a client see’s us and their budget does not meet our bespoke services, we can make assumptions on what “stock or OEM” products may do for them. We explain if they order those products the results they saw in the fitting may not be replicated after purchase, this may be a good or a bad result, but it will not be guaranteed or measurable until the club is in their hands.  This is the reason we fit and then build to our specifications.