I’m a high handicap golfer, should I get fitted?

A skilled player or low handicap golfer can manipulate their technique to accommodate poor equipment much more effectively than a high handicapper.  

A high handicap golfer's swing is repeatable, but maybe not technically efficient. This is where we can put a club in that players hands that can give a more effective result.  

Some high handicappers can be just as perceptive of a club’s specifications not quite being correct for them but do not have the skill-set to manipulate the club and change the result.  

When we give a player like this a club that suits their speed, tempo, length, loft, lie and all other components, their technique can change for the better during the session and the results can be almost unbelievable.  

In short, high handicap players can have a better result than low handicap players.

We have a passion to help you play better golf so do not be afraid of booking in. Our staff are excited to give you information that can transform your game.