Why can't anyone else build to your spec's

We know people come in and have a fitting then go elsewhere to have their clubs built. We get why this seems to be the best way to save some money on your clubs.

When you take your Cool Clubs spec to someone else to build they will say they can build it to our spec. We know they do but they are simply looking at the component list not the actual numbers which make the clubs work for you.

Here is one example of why clubs built elsewhere are not the same as the clubs we build. Ever. There are many others.

One of the specs we include is an FM number. This is a very precise measure of the shaft stiffness you need to get the best match to your swing. 99% of builders can't even measure flex this way and the rest use a very different method that will arrive at a totally different performing club.

Grip On Frequency Measurement

When you had your fitting you would have seen the fitter measuring the flex of your current clubs. This was measured on a Grip On frequency machine like this one:

It is designed to measure club frequency with a gripped shaft. The insertion depth of the grip and clamping pressure are controlled to ensure an accurate measurement. We build these machines ourselves as their is no other frequency analyser on the market that does it this way and thus no one can measure the way we do.

Grip Off Frequency Machine

In order to build your clubs to the correct specification we use another frequency analyser designed to measure with no grip. This machine clamps the shaft in a very different way. More like the way a lathe clamps metal in a chuck.

This ensures the resulting club is built to the correct flex.

If you don't see these machines used in your club build then the outcome is no better than a random process.