Golf Club Repairs to a Tour Standard

At Cool Clubs we use the very same technology to repair clubs locally that is used in our Scottsdale facility to manufacture all our custom fitted products.

Using our professional know-how and the best tools available allows us to provide fast, efficient repair services.

Whether you are looking to change your grips to something new, have your grip size measured, need a loft and lie adjustment or need a quick re-shaft before heading back to the golf course, the Cool Clubs team is happy to assist you with your needs.

Book a Fitting
Shaft Puller for Club Repairs

Loft/Lie Adjustment

Whether a putter, iron or driver we can adjust loft and lies using our digital loft/lie machines. This allows us to set the clubs angles to within 1/4 degree. If you want a loft/lie adjustment this can be booked online.

Shaft Replacement

Breaking a shaft can be very annoying but Cool Clubs has a range of shafts in-house and can access most shafts needed for repairs in a matter of days so you can be back playing as soon as possible.