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Who is Cool Clubs?

Cool Clubs are the largest independent club fitter in the world. We have over 17 sites in 6 countries with more sites planned.

Whilst we stock all the major brands we are not affiliated with any manufacturer. This means we fit our clients with the equipment that performs best for them.

We test all club components so we know how each component performs against all other manufacturers.


What we do?

At Cool Clubs’ we fit and build custom golf clubs tailored to your game to a tour standard.

We do this without compromise and et the standard in the industry for club fitting and building. We give you the best performing clubs whatever your budget and skill level .

We achieve this through a combination of our Master Fitters experience, the best in-house fitting technology and a manufacturer neutral performance based approach to getting you the right club.


Why Use Cool Clubs?

Cool Clubs’ objective is to improve a golfer’s performance from the tee to the green.

We deliver performance by using our S3 fitting software, in-depth understanding of the performance of every head and shaft we fit and club building expertise exclusive to Cool Clubs.

All our fittings include indoor and outdoor components so we get the best information and can really understand you swing.


How are we different?

A Cool Clubs fitting is different to any club or putter fitting you have ever had.

Equipment – Over 10,000 head and shaft combinations independently assessed by Cool Clubs to deliver the best performance from your clubs.

Software – In-house developed S3 fitting software.

Trackman™ – Gives us all the characteristics of your swing.

Experience – Cool Clubs founder Mark Timms invented objective evidence based approach to club fitting.


Our clubs are built differently

Cool Clubs builds all our clubs in-house in a state-of-the-art tour level build facility. This allows us to provide clubs built with the care and quality to realise the benefits predicted by our fittings.

From small details like ensuring all our measuring equipment around the world is calibrated the same every morning to independently testing all shafts on our S3 analysis machine.

Because of these exacting processes no other company can build as consistently or accurately, and provide their clients with the long term support Cool Clubs does.


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