It was like seeing golf in a brand new light.

Hi all,

Just wanted to give a quick review of my iron fitting experience with Jack Gilbert at Cool Clubs.

Hearing back from the online activity here about it really informed me more about the process and to decide to do it. Along with the Q&As.

Just hoping somebody else values my feedback!

FYI my GA is about 9 at the moment.

May as well start from the beginning. Having emailed Jack to schedule an appointment he was quick, responsive and very helpful when indicating when certain new club heads would be in to try out.

Skip forward, the fitting itself exceeded all of my expectations. The plain enjoyment I had with trying out countless iron model and shaft combinations was like no other. Paired with having Trackman to see all my details on was just one of the coolest things I’ve done.

Originally I had a set of Titleist 714 AP2s with True Temper XP 95 S300. I settled for Taylormade P790 after being blown away by the consistency, forgiveness and distance. This, of course was helped by coupling it with a heavier KBS shaft (and stronger lofts).

Furthermore, it was super easy to proceed forward when I made the decision to buy 4-PW (still considering whether I add a hybrid or not for the 3 iron). There was no pressure from Jack at all. I opted to spend more and get the shafts SST Pured. They took about 2 weeks to come.

Once they arrived I scheduled a session with Jack on Trackman. Not only was I super pleased with my purchase, Jack’s knowledge of Trackman and the golf swing was incredible. He was patient and enjoyed speaking to me about the new ball flight laws. Jack was able to instil confidence into my golf swing as he was able to prove to me with the numbers what I was doing right/wrong. I can finally confidently hit fades and draws (semi accurately;) ). It was like seeing golf in a brand new light.

Now I by no means am well off financially, I didn’t exactly need new clubs but I am so pleased I did. It is worth every cent and relieved I went through the proper fitting process to know I have the right set. The only downside is, I can’t blame the equipment anymore!

I could go on forever about this but I realise the fact is that most people will have stopped reading halfway through (I like to ramble). However, as noted these kind of reviews really helped me learn more about Cool Clubs.


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