Sik Wrist Lok Putter

Sik Wrist Lok Putter

Recently we had a client at Cool Clubs Gold Coast having major putting issues. He had previously landed on his armlock/wrist lock design with his Teardrop putter from the late ’90s through trial and error.

After thorough Trackman analysis, we realised that the design concept was working really well for this player's tendencies, however, the teardrop putter was just extremely lightweight. That led us towards the Sik flow C.

Much heavier head design, much more stable in motion, helping to quieten down the hands and create the connection that he had been working on for months.

Sometimes but not often, the experimental process with your own equipment can be a worthwhile process. However, there is no substitute for specific, analytical fitting if you really want your equipment to work most optimally.

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