Is it the Putter or Player?

Really impact your score

More than 50% of putter fittings just need adjustment to stance, posture, loft, lie or grip.

The dreaded three-putt. We’ve all been there. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a birdie putt lip out or missing that four-foot knee-knocker for par. And as you see your putt roll past the hole while the rest of your regular four-ball are snickering in the background, you probably find yourself wondering if it’s really you, or could it be the ratty putter you’ve had for a decade.

There’s one way you can find out! Here at Cool Clubs, our Putter Fitting service provides teaching and coaching in order to best assist you and help improve your putting stroke. We have the unique knowledge and proprietary equipment to identify if it’s your club path, loft, posture, stroke, setup or stance. If it’s not any of those, it’s probably the putter and we can certainly help with that, too.

We have eight cameras set up in our state-of-the-art technology studio – the most advanced putting studio in the industry. We can capture your putting stroke on video from every angle: from behind the hole, from behind you looking toward the hole, from overhead and also from the sides.

Inside the Putter Studio with Cool Clubs CEO, Mark Timms

Putter Studio — What a 360° View Shows Us

  • Your grip on the putter and where your hands are placed on the handle.
  • Where your eyes are over the ball and down the target line.
  • If your hands are directly under your shoulders with a bend at the elbows.
  • Your posture. What degree angle your hips, legs and feet are in comparison to how far away you are from the ball.
  • Is your backswing similar to your follow through?
  • What angle is your putter facing at impact? Are you in or out?

Whether it’s you or your equipment, Cool Clubs can help! Most of the time we see a combination of both – some coaching is needed and adjustments to your putter as well. Whether it’s adding some weight to your putter or switching from a face balanced to a toe balanced putter, we’ve got you covered! Cool Clubs is your go-to place for all your custom club fitting needs – especially with the flat stick. Since your putter is used for more than one-third of all your strokes each round, shaving a couple of strokes can improve your score.

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