I was very nervous about the fitting

Hi there,

Just wanted to express a massive thank you to Luke and Brad regarding my club fitting on the 10/1/19 at KDV Sport.

I was very nervous about the fitting as I didn’t think I was good enough (being a GA 30.0). Straight off I was reassured that that wasn’t the case and that it was important for me to have fun as well, while I was there.  I spent 8 1/2 hours there hitting balls and it was a brilliant experience and well worth my slightly sore muscles today.

I had issues hitting my irons during the fitting and Ji McBryde was available to help and, using the equipment and his knowledge, was able to fix in half an hour what golf coaches I’ve used couldn’t do over many lessons (very funny guy and easy to understand too which makes a huge difference and to whom I would also like to thank immensely).

The entire process was professional, enjoyable and, ultimately, the results spoke for themselves. I can’t wait to get my new clubs and am very grateful to the guys!



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