Custom LAB Armlock Putter

Custom Armlock LAB through the Sydney studio this week as another option for great client Sarah.

Why go armlock with a lie angle balance putter?

Going to an Arm Lock with Lie Angle Balance is a double-whammy. You’ll get the dual benefit of removing the wrists from the stroke, as well as removing torque from the putter head. This means that you can lighten your grip pressure and let the putter swing naturally. It’s way better than trying to hold the putter head still.

Why get custom fit for an armlock putter?

Custom length to match your posture to get your eyes in the correct position. Then custom head weights to match length required for the player.

Correct lie angle goes hand in hand with the length in order to present a square club face to promote straight role on desired line. Correct loft to ensure the ball is forward rolling instead of creating a backspin or 'chip' putt. Grips and customs sightlines/colours to give you confidence that you need only to put a good role on it and its going in the hole!

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