Ultimate Fitting

I was driven to Cool Clubs on the recommendation of a friend. I was finding it difficult in all areas of my game and felt I was altering my natural swing to suite my clubs. On considering a fitting with Cool Clubs, I realised that I was only going to be able to blame myself and not my equipment if I was to do a fitting. I was working hard with a golf coach to get make sure I was able to make a good swing, but was seriously struggling with a mad cut slice on my drives and an inconsistent feeling with all other clubs, I was doubting my equipment. I took the plunge and made an appointment for the “Ultimate Fitting” with Cool Clubs. I had no preconceived ideas to the types of clubs that I wanted, I just wanted consistency and confidence from my clubs.

Zane was graced by my golfing prowess and began with bench testing my current equipment and having me hit balls indoor to give a starting point for outdoor testing. Zane started with my long game which was an arduous but well worthwhile process that encompassed hitting over 100 drives; however, this set the precedence for the remainder of the day.

Zane was able to hone in on what club head and shaft was best suited to my swing. I was left with the Taylor Made SLDR and three shafts that were all in their own ways good, but with Zane’s knowledge and guidance I was able to make a rare good decision and choose the combination that allowed me to get the most out of my game. This combination gave me an extra 40 yards on my current driver and my “mad 3 fairways over cut slice” was now a soft/medium draw. NO JOKE.

With this process done Zane was able to quickly recognise the types of fairway woods and hybrid combinations that would work for me. I was handed the club and shaft combination that I was best suited to and then proceeded to confirm this by hitting multiple club combinations. It was scary to be handed a combination of shaft and club that gave me great results first off.

Iron fitting took a little longer than expected, as I was swinging whilst fatigued; however, this is when well fitted clubs make the most difference. Zane was able to walk me through the decision making process and I ended up with irons that gave me confidence and the ability to try and shape shots with the ball flight I was chasing (other than random hook/slice fat/skinny that I have been accustomed to). Wedge selection by this stage was easy and resulted in me hitting half a dozen balls with a wide soled club that inspired confidence.

I entered the putting studio and listened to the advice Zane gave me. I was able to flatten and straighten out my putting stroke and confirm this with several camera angles. I was once again given several putters to try before Zane was able to give me a putter that was comfortable for me. I used the putter this weekend and my distance control, roll and the ability to hold the ball on my selected line was so much better. 25 foot putts were not so scary and I was actually able to putt with confidence.

Zane’s ability to understand what I needed from the game was “scary good”, unbelievable knowledge for the game of golf resides in that man’s head. The ability to understand my individual golfing needs and apply that knowledge for my betterment has given me the confidence to take my game as far as I can.

Bradley Todd

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